Japan Go Congress in Tokyo ‘The Nihon Ki-in Summer Camp 2016

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Japan Go Congress in Tokyo ‘The Nihon Ki-in Summer Camp 2016

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Нихон-киин, приглашает принять участие в Японском Го-конгрессе "Летний лагерь Нихон-киин 2016". Все подробности ниже.

Japan Go Congress in Tokyo ‘The Nihon Ki-in Summer Camp 2016’

1. Overview
-Purposes: Non-Japanese go players get stronger and feel and experience the Japanese culture of go and make new friends who come from around the world.
-Term: 23 August till 1 September, 2016
-Place: The Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo)
-Participants: Suitable for from 20 kyu up to high dan players
-Official website: https://ssl.nihonkiin.or.jp/summer_go_camp/index.html

2. Contents
1) Pro Lecture and Workshops
Highly-selected and richly-experienced pros including a famous 9-dan pro of the Nihon Ki-in will give you a fantastic workshop every day. There will be two classes in sessions to let us provide you with suitable intensive program by skill level: Class A for Dan players and Class B for Kyu players.
Our pros will always give you simul games and in-depth analysis and reviews of the games.

2) Special Amazing Lectures
- The Go legend, Kobayashi Koichi 9p (Honorary Kisei, Meijin and Gosei) and Ishida Yoshio 9p (24th Honinbo) will give you original and fantastic lectures which would take you to another world.
- Computer Go World (inc. AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol) and the future trend of the Computer Go by M. Redmond 9p and Ohashi Hirofumi 6p.
All of the lectures and workshops of the summer camp will be conducted in English and/or with English translations of well-experienced interpreters. So you do not need to worry about Japanese language skills at all!!

3) Others
- You will play the Japan's most popular amateur tournament for which around 1,500 players will play.
- You visit and watch the first game of Meijin title match at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (*five stars hotel)
* You will meet the Japan’s number one player, Iyama Yuta 9p who becomes the first ever player to hold top-seven titles simultaneously in Japanese history of go.
*Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo: http://www.hotel-chinzanso-tokyo.com/
- You will play a league tournament among participants from over the world and the winner will be arranged to play a special match against a top famous pro.
- You will enjoy and play goodwill matches against the Japanese students.
- Antti Tormanen 1p (from Finland) who just became a pro of the Nihon Kiin in April 2016 will give you teaching games and commentaries of your games.
- Special sightseeing tour and Japanese cultural programs in/outside Tokyo
- You will be given special gifts including special Iyama Yuta’s fan from the Nihon Ki-in.
- More additional programs shall be arranged.

3. Registration
‘‘Get Special Price’
If you register for the Summer Go Camp before 1 July 2016, the fee will be only 29,800 JPY. !!
*Note that the program fee will be 45,000 JPY as a regular price from 1 July 2016.
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